Monday, February 15, 2010

Trip to meet the Fireflies =)

Yesterday was a whole new experience for me as i got to see the fireflies for the first time in my entire life(at least i think its my first time)..Mum said to me that she has brought me there when i was little but i swear i don't remember a thing about meeting the fireflies..

At first mum wanted to go to the kolam air panas in Sungkai,Perak but i insisted bcoz i just got back from perak no way i/m going to go there again right?Then she suggested that we go to Luala Selangor to see the fireflies..Without thinking twice i was like YESS!!! lets do it bebeh(hahah over exaggerating over there)

We left the house to Kuala Selangor at about 3pm yesterday.It wasn't that far i guess..just a couple hours away from Subang Jaya..First we went to Bukit Melawati(if im not mistaken) there were lots and lots of monkeys there =) and guess wat they eat...long beans..yep..i was quite surprised when i saw people feeding them long beans..They were quite adorable =) It was a somewhat historical place but the main attraction there have been replaced to the
Then we went to the aquarium..its just a small aquarium though..nothng much there though..then we ate seafood..oh boy oh boy i was satisfied..steam fish,kailan wth oyster sauce and garlic,beancurd,lala soup..all in one =)

Finally...the main event..we arrived at the firefly park at about 7.25..i came across a cute bookmark so yes i bought it =) the boat arrives at 7.45 was not that dark yet during dat hour and i thought will i ever get the chance to meet the fireflies?well guess what we did =) too bad i didn't bring along my specs(da rabun tp masih buat cara x rabun..haishh)i borrowed mums specs to get a better look at them..oh i was soo worth was like christmas in chinese new year =)hehehe the trees were filled with lights..words can't even express how beautiful it was that night and the stars...omg...never have i seen soo many stars in the sky..the whole day was great and i really enjoyed myself...gotta say thanks to mum for this opportunity =)

Here are some pics i have taken along my journey...enjoy =D

Yours Truly,Yurika