Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sydney blanketed by red dust

23rd sept 2009,Wednesday
Around 7 am-7.30 am

Sydneysiders have woken to a red haze unlike anything seen before by residents or weather experts, as the sun struggles to pierce a thick blanket of dust cloaking the city this morning.

It seems like we're in an armageddon movie only it's real.

The Harbour Bridge

The Harbour Bridge

Ferris Wheel at Luna Park

These above images were not edited.Would you say this event is scary or is it exciting as these events have never occured in Sydney before this.

Thank god the condition return normal on Thursday(240909)with a mostly sunny day, moderate to fresh westerly winds, and a top temperature of 23 degrees expected in the city.

Even though the air looks clearer, with so much excess dust around the air quality will still be considered very high to hazardous, which is why the NSW advise everyone to avoid being outdoors, but especially those who suffer from asthma or some kind of respiratory illness.

Yours Truly,Yurika

One day this will be a reality

What exactly will be a reality?

Riding a hot air balloon!! yes =)

Aren't they simply beautiful?
Although there are many forms and shapes of these hot air balloons,the classic ones are the best =)

I will make it a reality someday,somehow

Yours Truly,Yurika

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


After posting so many blogs since i've created this account for my History In Architecture subject by Mr. Firdaus,now i would like to talk a little bit about myself(my 1st assignment)..Okay 1st of all i would like to welcome especially Mr.Firdaus and all my friends =)

The name given by both my parents is DIYANA YURIKA BT. KHAIRUDDIN.Yes,this name was the combination of ideas from both my parents.My mum said that my dad likes the name Diyana so as you can see there it is,my 1st name =).As for Yurika,it was from my mum.Yurika is a japanese name since my mum is a japanese and i am half malay n half japanese..hahaha..Well i have no idea what Diyana means but Yurika means,'yu'(kind),'ri'(hometown-a very beautiful place),'ka'(flower), so when it's combined it means a kind flower in a hometown? well something like that..okay go ahead and laugh..hahah..

The date i was born into this planet Earth was on 13th april 1990(130490).To me i think it is a bad date.why? People often refer 13 as an unlucky number while 4 in chinese & japanese means 'die'.Not only that! Have you ever heard of Friday the 13th? Guess what? I was born on Friday.But i really hope i don't bring bad things to my family. Good thing is they accept me for who i am =)

I come from a rather small family.My dad is Khairuddin B. Abdul Aziz.He's from Johor while my mum is Maya Wada/Mariam Bt. Abdullah from Hiroshima.I only have 2 siblings.I am the eldest and i have a small brother who is 4 years younger than i am,Azman Arif Hayato B. Khairuddin. Do you want to know what his names means too?hehe..My brother will be sitting for his PMR(Ujian Penilaian Menengah Rendah) this year,probably a week after raya..All the best Azman!! I used to fight with him all the time but that was back when he was at home with me.Since he went to boarding school,we don't see each other quite often and yeah we don't fight anymore(okay that would be impossible..We don't fight that often)..I would get really sad if i come back home for holidays and seeing him nowhere to be found at home.I mean he's the only family i've got besides my mum and dad right?

I really love making art crafts..It can be considered as a hobby right? Whenever i am bored,i would do something which i call "My Weekend Project"(it really doesn't have to be done on weekends but i don't know why i even call it a weekend project..weird)hahaha..most of the things i'm attracted in doing are cute things..hahha..i make keychains,birthday cards, and bla bla bla..i love making birthday cards for people.It's because i think its better rather than just buying it and then write happy birthday!..To me, when you do it yourself,it brings more meaning as it is one in a million..come on..the person receiving it should be really happy as no one can find the same piece in any stores =)'s special...

Japanese,Korean,Chinese,Thai cuisine,(Malay?Not my fav)
Horror,Comedy,Romantic Movies
Listening to calm music(jazz,acoustic,etc)
Animals(especially furry ones)

Why Architecture?
The main reason i choose architecture is because i love to see buildings. I hope someday i could have my own masterpiece that i could be proud of..=)
I find architecture as an interesting field to major in thus with global warming becoming much more serious these days,i wish to build an environmental friendly building(sustainable architecture)
I also love interior designing because i think it is fun to design a space so that everyone would be comfortable in but i choose to study architecture is because i think the possibility of getting a job in interior design is not as big as in architecture.
Since i'm already majoring in architecture,i will not waste my chance..I mean this is what i want right?So i will work my very best to achieve it thus i don't want to dissapoint my family especially mum,dad and my lil brother.

"That's the beauty of Architecture. It can be all things for all people. Architecture is less about the design of buildings, than an attitude to life. It's about creativity, imagination and dreaming a better world for the future.
Neil Leach, Writer and Lecturer, Nottingham

I would like to thank Mr.Firdaus for taking his time reading my blog.Thank you Mr.firdaus!!You have made us want to study history and there is absolutely NO word of HISTORY=BORING to me when it comes to his class =)
I do enjoy attending to his classes although we only had 2 classes with him so far.

Yours Truly,Yurika

Baby Ostrich a.k.a Dr. Grey

Hello there Dr.Grey,you look super cute and intelligent

Try imagining him wearing a pair of BIG glasses.That would definitely complete his look =)

Topography in the sky =)

Adoreable Creature!!!

For those of you who don't know what this is,it's called a sugar glider.Look how adoreable this creature is!!!It lives in forests and rainforests of mainland Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, and some nearby islands. The Sugar Glider is around 15 to 20 cm in length, with a tail longer than the body and almost as thick as a human thumb, and weighs between 90 and 150 grams. The fur is generally pearl grey, with black and cream patches on the underbelly and black or grey ears.

The sugar glider is an omnivore which means it eats vege and also meat just like us.It licks on
sweet gum from the acacia tree, sweet sap from eucalyptus trees, nectar,and small insects like spiders for instance.

I had a pair of these simply adorable creature but unfortunately.Someone it's either me or my brother Azman forgot to shut the cage properly. =( And yes you know what happens right? They ran away.Nowhere to be found.This is really sad but yeah no sign of them anywhere...i love them because they are super adoreable with their huge eyes and huge ears....oh and furry!!! =)

They are super expensive though..One sugar glider cost you about no less than rm350 but i'm planning on buying a pair..I have to work hard and start saving from now.yes someday i will get myself a pair of this sugar glider =)..

These are some cute pictures i got from the web..have a look =) Thanks to the person uploding this image...That is one adoreable sugar glider u got there =)

Okay admit it!!!They are simply irresistable !!

look at those innocent eyes..seriously!!! arrghhh..

Okay enough of my craziness for now..I will get these sugar gliders..yes i will.. =)

Yours Truly,Yurika

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Believe it or not


I'm sure all of us have heard about can we not right?it's our favourite childhood toy!! well it was for too =)

I can't even believe this is favourite childhood pastime is actually turning into cool gadgets!!

Yes people!!LEGO will be officially releasing their own lego gadgets...soon we will see them in markets..they have been on the market for some time now but not yet official..ohh i can't wait for it to be officially in Malaysia!!!

As we can see,there are cameras,USB flash drives,video recorder,mp3 players and even mobile phones!!

I would really like to get myself a USB flash drives and perhaps an mp3 player =)

An eye-opening project

This project is called 'melting men' by nele azevedo

Take a look at these pictures and and i hope that it will make us aware of what is actually happening to our world today

A brazilian artist nele azevedo, carved 1,000 figures out of ice
and placed them on the steps of the concert hall in berlin's gendarmenmarkt square.
with temperatures of 73 degrees fahreneheit, (23 degress celsius), the ice figures began melting
within half an hour. the project entitled 'melting men' was meant to bring awareness to the
world wildlife fund's warning, that melting ice could cause sea-levels to rise more than
3.3 ft by 2100.

I find this very fascinating.I love that the idea of artist making many small human figures out of ice..This shows how small the humans are in this world and when the ice melts,it shows that we will soon disappear from this world if we do not take any actions in what's happening to our earth now..This looks very simple yet it brings awareness and motivation to us all..

How i wished that this was shown to people all over the world so that is brings awareness to us all as it did to me..

Let us all take good care of our earth and make it a better place

Yours Truly,Yurika

Ever imagined a building moving by itself?

Architecture is evolving itself to a new era...its called dynamic architecture....

Lets take a look at this Dynamic Tower by David Fisher

The Dynamic Tower was designed by an italian architect,David Fisher and this building will be the world's first building in will be erected in Dubai,the city of the future by the end year of 2010..

With 80 floors, the building will be 420 meters (1,380 feet) tall. Apartments range in size from 124 square meters (1,330 square feet), to Villas of 1,200 square meters (12,900 square feet) complete with a parking space inside the apartment. Located in a prime location in Dubai, floors 1 through 20 will consist of prime office space, floors 21 to 35 will be operated as a Dynamic-branded luxury hotel, and floors 36 through 70 will be residential apartments, and the top tier of 10 floors will be luxury villas. Because of its unique concept, it is destined to become the most prestigious building in the city.

This amazing building would spin a full 360 degrees, at voice command, around a central column by means of 79 giant power-generating wind turbines located between each will take up to 3 hours to make a full rotation so this means you would not feel like an earthquake it happening while you are in the building itself.hahahah

It is strong enough to hold the floors in place, and will contain the building's elevators, which transport people and cars right to their door.How cool is that!?Imagine bringing your car with you to the 80th!!

Okay i admit this is pretty cool..i wished i had a chance to stay in this Rotating Tower..Let it even be for a day would be a great experience for me..

BUT what happens if there is a hurricane or something which we are not able to handle?
What if it collapse?Wouldn't that be a waste?

I would like to visit Dubai someday when this tower is completed..Let us all hope this building will come true..

For those of you who are filthy rich and have no other things to spend money on,and you are intrested in staying in this awesome dynamic building,go on and reserve yourself a place in this building!!

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, is considered by many to be a true visionary of the future.Dr. Fisher's dreams for the Dynamic Tower in Dubai were inspired by His Highness who said,
“Do not wait for the future to come to you…face the future.”

"This building never looks the same, not once in a lifetime"
David Fisher

Yours Truly,Diyana Yurika


Yes people...i had a super duper satisfying meal today....went to one utama after sending my brother to the dentist...planned on doing some so called raya shopping but na ah...didn't even brought back a single shopping plastic bags except for grocery shopping? why does mum enjoy so much buying food groceries..i have to tell her like a thousand times "mama,dah dah,da banyak dah ni...jom bayar...jom!!"....hahahhaha...but nvm...before the grocery shopping was like the best moment ever....we went to pasta zanmai to break our fast....fuhh lucky me..i found another nice place to eat...5 star rating!!!...the food was super excellent...price was not that expensive i guess...was quite reasonable...but the total bil was kind of like a of rm127 sumthing...yeah again WOW...=P...well..i ordered a spagetti meat sauce omelette rice...mum ordered a cream coroquete with curry rice while azman..i forgot the foods name but it was like a beef steak finely sliced with rice....all three of us ordered a set meal so it came with miso soup and for the drinks we ordered a jug of ice lemon tea....tasted each others food and each of our meal was super was as if i was really in japan enjoying these food...the name of the restaurant was pasta zanmai but no we didn't order any pasta but even if we didn't the food was super tasty..repeat...super tasty!!! for dessert...azman and i wanted to try the banana chocolate parfait...okay we had to make up our mind...i wanted to order every single food in the menu but no i can't possibly do that rite?hahahahah....the dessert we ordered looked the most eye catching so yeah finally we made up our minds....after patiently waiting...there came the dessert...fuhhh...azman just can't wait to finish it..i know..but then i said "no wait!!!!!!!!!!tangkap gamba dulu!!!"(because i forgotten to take the pic of our food i won't repeat the same mistake no way)...we pose for a lil..then yeah...time to just finish it up...after a few minutes...there it was...nothing left but just an empty glass...hahahhaa....wished rian was there..i bet it would be fun to have him around me too...honey,someday i promise i'll take u there...i promise..=)

Yours Truly,Yurika

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things That Make Me Sad =(

Went to Nur Izzati,Norlina,Qurshiah and Farahana's house the other day in sidec..saw them sitting outside entertaining budak budak kecil di sidec...hahhaha.....Izzati was playing her guitar while Norlina was singing the hari raya song.....i guess they can't wait any longer to fly back to their hometown SARAWAK...hehehhe....when i arrived i was like...omg....they look like superstars or something like that...hahahha.....playing guitar outside their house but divided by the gate so that the little children can't get pass them?hahahha...wtv...okay...everything seems so cheerful i guess...BUT...the moment i saw these small children playing with bunga api,mercun,etc(all the dangerous stuff which children are not supposed to play around with) i became angry...idk why...but yes i became angry...they were even playing with fire...super dangerous okay....there were kids ranging from age 3-10 i guess..burning plastics,pet bottles almost ANYTHING!!!! Hanging onto the tree branches like small monkeys..under them is a fireplace they made themselves..ohh i can't even describe how i felt...if they were my younger brother or sister i swear i would scold them and cane them and bla bla bla just to teach them a lesson..but unfortunately,they aren't...

Where are the so called parents who are responsible in taking care of their children?

These children are still young..they are not able to think matured-ly like we do...parents are the ones responsible in taking care of this helpless children...but sign of their parents..Do they actually care about their child?do they?! Please don't let anything bad happen and then after that baru nak menyesal.... PLEASE....

WHAT IF......
The fireworks accidently burn their hands? yes i know raya and all and it looks fun but please kids need their parents guidance...we obviously don't want our child to have no fingers for raya right?

The children hanging on the branch falls down and falls into the fire?

Okay i'm not supposed to feel mad about this situation but it makes me really sad seeing this in front of my very own eyes.....

There are many cases nowadays about missing children,raping,accidents....why do these things happen?

Think for a minute and ask ourselves why...

Whose fault is it actually?

Who should we blame for all this?

How can we prevent all this from happening?

Together we can stop all this from happening

Yours Truly,Yurika


SUBANG JAYA~!!!! Here I come!!!!!!weeeeeeee~!!!

16 SEPT 2009

Stop over-analysing and except life for what it is

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mood Box

I'm still searching and exploring how to make this mood box....just because it's called a mood box,doesn't mean it has to be a box or even walls...tough how does a mood box look like? I'm planning on doing a happy + confusing mood as it plays with colours and for the form? well still searching...waiting for ideas and inspiration to fill my head right now..crossing my fingers....please please come to me ideas!!! Really need your help now...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Currently Missing.....

i'm currently missing my brother....He called me after bukak puasa..ohh how i missed his voice,talking to him seeing him,argueing with him, feels like its been ages since we last meet =S...BUT....thank god there is cuti hari raya..=)...he is coming back home on thursday...OMG i can't wait to see him...miss him really badly right now =)....i'm going back home this coming friday..taking the 9.30 am heading straight home baby!!! weee~!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Program memasak untuk bukak puasa di rumah =)

Today,I and Fazzu are planning to cook for bukak puasa...weeee~ i'm planning to make fried vegetables and fazzu is planning to cook either kari ayam or ayam masak merah...eheheh...i can't wait...ahhhhhhhh~!! we are going to the pasar in Bandar U to buy all the ingredients needed...i wished be ah was here to join us bukak will be super boring if we eat just the two of us =(....i asked aten and wanis to join us but since we are packed with assignments,they changed their minds...=/ but wanis said that they want to go to our house on Saturday..really hope they can make guys better make it or else~!!!! hehehehehe

Yours Truly,Yurika

Food for Archiday 2009

Since our Archiday this sem will be held after Hari Raya Aidilfitri which falls on 9th & 10th September,so i plan nak buat macam jamuan raya kind of menu u know all the stuffs we eat during raya...lemang,rendang,lontong,nasi impit,satay,kuah kacang,etc...okay okay sooo it will be something like this...

Menu 1
*nasi impit
*rendang ayam
*kuah kacang

Menu 2
*nasi impit
*satay ayam & daging
*kuah kacang

Menu 3

*nasi ayam
(now i know nasi ayam has noyhing to do with raya but this is like if they don't like menu 1 & 2)

idk if the menu stated above will be fully satisfiying for the guys stomach but im pretty sure its super duper satisfiying for the girls =)yummy!!! it makes me hungry every time i think of it =P

as for the drinks and desert,will be sirap selasih and watermelon..i think that would do just fine right?

Thats all for now i guess...will update you guys later if there are any changes

Yours Truly,Yurika