Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ever imagined a building moving by itself?

Architecture is evolving itself to a new era...its called dynamic architecture....

Lets take a look at this Dynamic Tower by David Fisher

The Dynamic Tower was designed by an italian architect,David Fisher and this building will be the world's first building in will be erected in Dubai,the city of the future by the end year of 2010..

With 80 floors, the building will be 420 meters (1,380 feet) tall. Apartments range in size from 124 square meters (1,330 square feet), to Villas of 1,200 square meters (12,900 square feet) complete with a parking space inside the apartment. Located in a prime location in Dubai, floors 1 through 20 will consist of prime office space, floors 21 to 35 will be operated as a Dynamic-branded luxury hotel, and floors 36 through 70 will be residential apartments, and the top tier of 10 floors will be luxury villas. Because of its unique concept, it is destined to become the most prestigious building in the city.

This amazing building would spin a full 360 degrees, at voice command, around a central column by means of 79 giant power-generating wind turbines located between each will take up to 3 hours to make a full rotation so this means you would not feel like an earthquake it happening while you are in the building itself.hahahah

It is strong enough to hold the floors in place, and will contain the building's elevators, which transport people and cars right to their door.How cool is that!?Imagine bringing your car with you to the 80th!!

Okay i admit this is pretty cool..i wished i had a chance to stay in this Rotating Tower..Let it even be for a day would be a great experience for me..

BUT what happens if there is a hurricane or something which we are not able to handle?
What if it collapse?Wouldn't that be a waste?

I would like to visit Dubai someday when this tower is completed..Let us all hope this building will come true..

For those of you who are filthy rich and have no other things to spend money on,and you are intrested in staying in this awesome dynamic building,go on and reserve yourself a place in this building!!

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, is considered by many to be a true visionary of the future.Dr. Fisher's dreams for the Dynamic Tower in Dubai were inspired by His Highness who said,
“Do not wait for the future to come to you…face the future.”

"This building never looks the same, not once in a lifetime"
David Fisher

Yours Truly,Diyana Yurika

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