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After posting so many blogs since i've created this account for my History In Architecture subject by Mr. Firdaus,now i would like to talk a little bit about myself(my 1st assignment)..Okay 1st of all i would like to welcome especially Mr.Firdaus and all my friends =)

The name given by both my parents is DIYANA YURIKA BT. KHAIRUDDIN.Yes,this name was the combination of ideas from both my parents.My mum said that my dad likes the name Diyana so as you can see there it is,my 1st name =).As for Yurika,it was from my mum.Yurika is a japanese name since my mum is a japanese and i am half malay n half japanese..hahaha..Well i have no idea what Diyana means but Yurika means,'yu'(kind),'ri'(hometown-a very beautiful place),'ka'(flower), so when it's combined it means a kind flower in a hometown? well something like that..okay go ahead and laugh..hahah..

The date i was born into this planet Earth was on 13th april 1990(130490).To me i think it is a bad date.why? People often refer 13 as an unlucky number while 4 in chinese & japanese means 'die'.Not only that! Have you ever heard of Friday the 13th? Guess what? I was born on Friday.But i really hope i don't bring bad things to my family. Good thing is they accept me for who i am =)

I come from a rather small family.My dad is Khairuddin B. Abdul Aziz.He's from Johor while my mum is Maya Wada/Mariam Bt. Abdullah from Hiroshima.I only have 2 siblings.I am the eldest and i have a small brother who is 4 years younger than i am,Azman Arif Hayato B. Khairuddin. Do you want to know what his names means too?hehe..My brother will be sitting for his PMR(Ujian Penilaian Menengah Rendah) this year,probably a week after raya..All the best Azman!! I used to fight with him all the time but that was back when he was at home with me.Since he went to boarding school,we don't see each other quite often and yeah we don't fight anymore(okay that would be impossible..We don't fight that often)..I would get really sad if i come back home for holidays and seeing him nowhere to be found at home.I mean he's the only family i've got besides my mum and dad right?

I really love making art crafts..It can be considered as a hobby right? Whenever i am bored,i would do something which i call "My Weekend Project"(it really doesn't have to be done on weekends but i don't know why i even call it a weekend project..weird)hahaha..most of the things i'm attracted in doing are cute things..hahha..i make keychains,birthday cards, and bla bla bla..i love making birthday cards for people.It's because i think its better rather than just buying it and then write happy birthday!..To me, when you do it yourself,it brings more meaning as it is one in a million..come on..the person receiving it should be really happy as no one can find the same piece in any stores =)..it's special...

Japanese,Korean,Chinese,Thai cuisine,(Malay?Not my fav)
Horror,Comedy,Romantic Movies
Listening to calm music(jazz,acoustic,etc)
Animals(especially furry ones)

Why Architecture?
The main reason i choose architecture is because i love to see buildings. I hope someday i could have my own masterpiece that i could be proud of..=)
I find architecture as an interesting field to major in thus with global warming becoming much more serious these days,i wish to build an environmental friendly building(sustainable architecture)
I also love interior designing because i think it is fun to design a space so that everyone would be comfortable in but i choose to study architecture is because i think the possibility of getting a job in interior design is not as big as in architecture.
Since i'm already majoring in architecture,i will not waste my chance..I mean this is what i want right?So i will work my very best to achieve it thus i don't want to dissapoint my family especially mum,dad and my lil brother.

"That's the beauty of Architecture. It can be all things for all people. Architecture is less about the design of buildings, than an attitude to life. It's about creativity, imagination and dreaming a better world for the future.
Neil Leach, Writer and Lecturer, Nottingham

I would like to thank Mr.Firdaus for taking his time reading my blog.Thank you Mr.firdaus!!You have made us want to study history and there is absolutely NO word of HISTORY=BORING to me when it comes to his class =)
I do enjoy attending to his classes although we only had 2 classes with him so far.

Yours Truly,Yurika

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