Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sydney blanketed by red dust

23rd sept 2009,Wednesday
Around 7 am-7.30 am

Sydneysiders have woken to a red haze unlike anything seen before by residents or weather experts, as the sun struggles to pierce a thick blanket of dust cloaking the city this morning.

It seems like we're in an armageddon movie only it's real.

The Harbour Bridge

The Harbour Bridge

Ferris Wheel at Luna Park

These above images were not edited.Would you say this event is scary or is it exciting as these events have never occured in Sydney before this.

Thank god the condition return normal on Thursday(240909)with a mostly sunny day, moderate to fresh westerly winds, and a top temperature of 23 degrees expected in the city.

Even though the air looks clearer, with so much excess dust around the air quality will still be considered very high to hazardous, which is why the NSW advise everyone to avoid being outdoors, but especially those who suffer from asthma or some kind of respiratory illness.

Yours Truly,Yurika

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