Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things That Make Me Sad =(

Went to Nur Izzati,Norlina,Qurshiah and Farahana's house the other day in sidec..saw them sitting outside entertaining budak budak kecil di sidec...hahhaha.....Izzati was playing her guitar while Norlina was singing the hari raya song.....i guess they can't wait any longer to fly back to their hometown SARAWAK...hehehhe....when i arrived i was like...omg....they look like superstars or something like that...hahahha.....playing guitar outside their house but divided by the gate so that the little children can't get pass them?hahahha...wtv...okay...everything seems so cheerful i guess...BUT...the moment i saw these small children playing with bunga api,mercun,etc(all the dangerous stuff which children are not supposed to play around with) i became angry...idk why...but yes i became angry...they were even playing with fire...super dangerous okay....there were kids ranging from age 3-10 i guess..burning plastics,pet bottles almost ANYTHING!!!! Hanging onto the tree branches like small monkeys..under them is a fireplace they made themselves..ohh i can't even describe how i felt...if they were my younger brother or sister i swear i would scold them and cane them and bla bla bla just to teach them a lesson..but unfortunately,they aren't...

Where are the so called parents who are responsible in taking care of their children?

These children are still young..they are not able to think matured-ly like we do...parents are the ones responsible in taking care of this helpless children...but NO...no sign of their parents..Do they actually care about their child?do they?! Please don't let anything bad happen and then after that baru nak menyesal.... PLEASE....

WHAT IF......
The fireworks accidently burn their hands? yes i know raya and all and it looks fun but please kids need their parents guidance...we obviously don't want our child to have no fingers for raya right?

The children hanging on the branch falls down and falls into the fire?

Okay i'm not supposed to feel mad about this situation but it makes me really sad seeing this in front of my very own eyes.....

There are many cases nowadays about missing children,raping,accidents....why do these things happen?

Think for a minute and ask ourselves why...

Whose fault is it actually?

Who should we blame for all this?

How can we prevent all this from happening?

Together we can stop all this from happening

Yours Truly,Yurika

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