Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Food for Archiday 2009

Since our Archiday this sem will be held after Hari Raya Aidilfitri which falls on 9th & 10th September,so i plan nak buat macam jamuan raya kind of menu camtu..like u know all the stuffs we eat during raya...lemang,rendang,lontong,nasi impit,satay,kuah kacang,etc...okay okay sooo it will be something like this...

Menu 1
*nasi impit
*rendang ayam
*kuah kacang

Menu 2
*nasi impit
*satay ayam & daging
*kuah kacang

Menu 3

*nasi ayam
(now i know nasi ayam has noyhing to do with raya but this is like if they don't like menu 1 & 2)

idk if the menu stated above will be fully satisfiying for the guys stomach but im pretty sure its super duper satisfiying for the girls =)yummy!!! it makes me hungry every time i think of it =P

as for the drinks and desert,will be sirap selasih and watermelon..i think that would do just fine right?

Thats all for now i guess...will update you guys later if there are any changes

Yours Truly,Yurika

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