Thursday, October 22, 2009

Design =)

Thanks to En. Meor I finally have the image of what i'm going to do for my Design.At least i think i do =)
The title given for our final project is "Form & Space"
We have to have a form and inside the space,we have to have moods in it for example sad,happy,angry,frustrating bla bla bla
After all the criting sessions and all,finally i got my model form
The concept of my form is a mushroom
and the story line of this design is from the movie Up Pixar
It's a very intresting movie and also my current fav now
i hope my design turn out good
please please turn out good
I'm currently not having enough sleep these few days but it's not that bad
The feeling of completing my works are the best feeling ever =)

Lets see how it turns out to be aite?
I will definately update u guys on my design later

Yours Truly,yurika

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