Saturday, November 28, 2009

Aliya & Liyana

Aliya and Liyana are both my bestie and i do very much love both of em!!
It's been years since i've hanged out with them especially Aliya
We never get the perfect chance to hang out together since our schedules are different

Well today,finally i got to hung out with both of em..Well techniquely with Aliya but later on with Liyana =)
Left home about 12 pm..Aliya picked me up..then we were planning to see the new movie called new moon(twilight)..

Both of us have passed many obstacles today =)
-finding the right way to klcc(jalan ampang)
-finding our way to the Avenue K parking(bcoz klcc parking is like extremely expensive)
-finding a place to park in that "SPACIOUS YET SCARY RM10 PER ENTRY PARKING LOT"
-finding our way to klcc(which was pretty easy actually) =P
-for the biggest moment..lining up hoping that we could watch the twilight new moon movie and yes good news coz we did get tickets..but it was wierd though bcos there were still seats available for this movie but not for 2012..
-Aliya finding for me in Kinokuniya..I clearly said that i was going to the japanese section...but she went to the chinese section wonder u couldn't find me =P
-Aliya driving back to sunway with all the traffic jam and rain(sorry al because i was so tired and fell asleep for awhile)
-Went to sunway pyramid bcoz both of us was craving for Kenny Rogers(yummy yummy) and also visit ms.Liyana at coffee bean =)
-Mum called asking me to bring her left document at home..she was going for an interview(how could she forget to bring the most important part of the interview)..reminders to all donot i repeat do no forget anything behind if you are going for an important meeting or what sort eva and remember to do a checklist
-So we drove back to my house,pick up the document,drove to where mum asked us to the NPE highway after the toll bfore the blue bridge..thanks a lot al for your time and liyana for being a pro on roads and talking to my mum on the phone..i love u guys soo much
-Aliya sending Liyana back home and finally me and that's about it..our obstacles together =) thanks again both of ya..

I love both of them and i really do miss hanging out with them and our schooldays when back then we would go crazy and do stuffs togethe and seeing each others faces from Monday-Fridays..heheheh

Hanging out with you guys are the best..They never fail making me smile once again

Yours Truly,Yurika

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