Saturday, December 12, 2009

the 10 MUST to do cuti ni

1.Lose 5 kgs before starting my new sem..okay at least 2-3 will do..lets see how this goes

2.Cook for mum and azman but only eat a lil bit

3.Drink lots and lots of H2O and the apple vinegar thinggy

4.Siapkan dat light box adrian and yurika tu..haish haish

5.Do not i repeat do not spend so much money instead keep em(dats what "piggy banks" are for right?)

6.Learn Katakana and master them!!

7.Try and speak japanese at home or when you go out..speak or else you'll forget

8.Learn cooking..okay this one cam da okay kot since i have to cook everyday now..haish..voices of azman and mama "Yuri Yuri lapar!!gi masak!!"

9.Keluar with my beloved Aliya,Liyana and Shuhaiba(Damn i miss you guys badly) tp i kene kumpul duit starting now cos ada RM 1 je dalam dompet ..sighh..da la plan nak gi karaoke..camne ni if x da duit..seriously jangan kwar g pyramid..sumpah bosan dah..TEMPAT LAIN!!

10.Melepak ngan Liyana Wanis tapi x taw la jadi ke x..hahah

Itu sahajalah buat masa ini =)Sekian Terima Kasih

Yours Truly,Yurika

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