Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tarbush Baby!!!!

What is a Tarbush?

Now Tarbush for your information is actually a brimless, usually red felt cap with a silk tassel, worn by some Middle Eastern Muslim men, either by itself or as the base of a turban.

Today i'm am not going to talk about this male headwear but i'm going to talk about a delicious restaurant my family & I went to yesterday called Tarbush Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid

the guy in the sweater is my brother =)

Okay it's picture taking time =)weee~



mummy & me

After going through the
"i don't understand a thing" menu,heheh i left all the choices to mum as she is the expert =P

So we ordered:
Tarbush Hommus
Lamb Briyani
Ox-Tail soup

This is how Tabouleh looks like.It's a salad made of parsley,tomatoes,cucumbers,a lil of olive oil and lemon zest...It's really unique because who ever thought we could eat parsley that easy's my current favourite salad for now..wink wink..

I never thought that our lamb briyani would come in such large portion..I mean just look at it!!..3-5 people could eat this together =)The briyani we ate is not the usual mamak briyani we eat..It's much more nicer than seems like they fried the briyani a lil bit with lamb curry..i'm not quite sure about that though..the lamb they gave us was like superb!! Well i'm really satisfied with all the food mum picked for us..thanks mum =)

It was a lil too much for us three but luckily we have the big appetite Azman to help us finish the food=) I really wished Adrian was there together with us though =S I'm sure it would be much more merrier if he was there with us.Well someday baby we could go there and eat with mum and Azman right sayang?

The price of the foods are also quite reasonable and the interior is cool =)
I would recommend you guys to try this place out
It's really worth it =D

Yours Truly,Yurika

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